Thursday, November 13, 2014

from WheRE i sTand

    It’s this economic model of excess that gave us the dictum ‘we buy things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t know.’

   The world as we know it has been built on the concept of not just 'Greed is Good' (30 years on, more people in our world would know exactly who said it & when than they could quote a simple Bible passage), but built on ‘more’. More of everything.

   In the coming years, we are going to learn what the ultimate price for this extended period of excess is going to be.
   It’s a price the vast majority are unprepared for. A price so high, we just may not recover. .

   The Central Bankers’ exercise in ‘pretend and extend’ over the past six years, has simply masked the debt malaise within our society.
   The debt sinkhole that has changed its FB status from not 'IF', but to 'WHEN'. Some of you might even be searching FB now...

   Society is comfortably numb. A temporary peace has been bought with QE and interest rate suppression. The same sort of peace that's found in the Eye of a massive hurricane.

   When the markets deliver their day of reckoning (and believe me they will) the world of 'more'—  more government funding, more property and share price increases, more tv's & electronics, more credit — is over.
  The repercussions are going to be deep and long lasting. Maybe fatal.

   In addition to being conditioned to expect more, we are also conditioned as a society, to rarely accept responsibility for our actions or behaviour.  Blame is always placed on our past or current circumstances, our childhood or someone else. Anyone.
   'Its not my fault' or 'wasnt me'  is the standard default position .

    In keeping with the predisposition to point fingers away from ourselves, you can expect central bankers to go from being defied to vilified in a very short space of time. There will be extreme consequences.

   The masses will cry ‘we were duped by their spin, their lies'. We were hoaxed...
  Let’s start a class action. A quick Demand of compensation from the government. Demand some sort of

Forget it. The Money Box going to be empty. That I can promise...

    The lessons from The Great Depression were seared into the consciousness of at least two generations.
   It’s evident from the age of excess those lessons have been well and truly forgotten. The teacher is getting ready.

The coming Greater Depression is going to be brutal. I do not say this to be sensationalist or to create unnecessary fear or panic.

  I also dont Life is all about balance — high tide, low tide; night followed by day; droughts broken by floods; yin and yang. This is the order of the universe.
Excesses are corrected.

   The period of excess we have lived through has been a full blown orgy of debt. By comparison, the Roaring Twenties looks like a Sunday school picnic that got a little out of hand.

   Based on the universe’s power to swing the pendulum in an equal and opposite direction, it stands to reason the corrective phase we are yet to experience will be more severe than anything we’ve ever encountered.

   Governments will be forced to undertake the structural (taxation, welfare, employment laws, red tape, health) reform they should have done six years ago...

   While this reform is essential, it’ll create enormous upheaval in the lives of those who have believed their own government had their backs. The streets will be burning...

   I wish it could have an alternate ending. But it doesn't work like that. It's time to start preparing for a very different world than the one we have known. How exactly we do that, I can not say. What I can say, is that not all of us will survive. Perhaps none of us will.